Every Leader wants a team that is
unified and understands each other.

 A healthy team is your competitive advantage.


It is exhausting trying to keep everyone motivated and playing "nice" with each other.

You have to deal with many different personality types and get everyone to work together.

Often, teams that don't work well together experience:


  • More conflict
  • More lost time
  • More misunderstandings
  • Less Productivity
  • Less UNITY


Don't let interpersonal conflict get in the way of creating results for your business.


If your team is not firing on all cylinders, it is the first sign of a problem.

We have the tools you need to help bring your team together in order to develop trust and accountability.

By utilizing and understanding the DiSC behavior model, we can help your team understand how to deal with conflict and create a foundation for team unity.  We are also a licensed practitioner of Patrick Lecione's "5 Dysfunctions of a team" methodology to teach your team how to be more productive with the 5 behaviors of healthy teams:


  • Trust one another
  • Engage in conflict around ideas (not each other)
  • Commit to decisions
  • Hold one another accountable
  • Focus on achieving collective results


Even more than your products, or your marketing, a HEALTHY TEAM is your biggest competitive advantage.


Ready to Unify your team?

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The Petram Process

1. Discover

Take our organizational check-up.

2. Build

Work with us to create an action plan for your business.

3. Launch

Implement your plan first to your leadership team.

4. Enable

    Now you are ready to take your plan to your entire company.


Stop putting up with a dysfunctional team.

Don't think that by ignoring your team's behavior that things will get better on their own.


Aren't you tired of a bunch of individuals trying to outshine each other?

Wouldn't you rather have a cohesive team that works together to achieve your vision?


A Unified, Productive, High-Functioning Team...

  • Makes better, faster decisions
  • Utilizes the skills and opinions of all team members
  • Avoids wasting time and energy on politics, confusion, and destructive conflict
  • Avoids focusing on the wrong issues
  • Creates a competitive advantage
  • Is just more fun to be on!

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