Start transforming your growth plans into reality.

Learn how to operationalize your sales strategy that will make your sales team unstoppable.


70% of Growth Strategies Fail.

Have you created and implemented sales growth strategies and trainings but struggled to make the changes stick in the field and drive the right outcomes?

You have plans for growth, but implementation is not going the way you expect.


It's time to get serious about your Sales Implementation Strategy.


Stop wasting money on generic, "off-the-shelf" sales training methodologies.


You need a sales growth implementation strategy that is focused on turning change into results.

We understand how hard it can be to take your sales to the next level of growth.

Growth starts with your sales team, and we can arm your team and their leaders with the tools and strategies they need to close more sales. Our Strategy Implementation Process is made to create change and to make it stick.


If you are looking to:

  • Update your sales messaging and conversation tools
  • Launch a new product or service line
  • Refine your sales process
  • Equip your sales managers to be effective coaches & change agents


Our custom Playbooks can help you align your team and provide the tools they need to be successful.


Ready to give your team Traction?


What is a Playbook Strategy?

Our Playbooks are digital tools that help your team focus on:
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A Custom Playbook will help you define HOW you do what you do.  

Many companies are really good determining WHAT they do, but have never defined HOW they do it.  By focusing on the HOW, you can define for your team:

  • Where to go - what sales strategies & sales plays to deploy?
  • What to say -  how to communicate a consistent, compelling and concise message?
  • What to do - how to drive effective and efficient team selling?
  • How to coach - how to equip your 1st line sales managers to be effective coaches & change agents?

With a custom Playbook you will define your strategy implementation process and provide a clear path to GROWTH!
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The Petram Process

1. Discover

Take our organizational check-up.

2. Build

Work with us to create an action plan for your business.

3. Launch

Implement your plan first to your leadership team.

4. Enable

    Now you are ready to take your plan to your entire company.

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Stop losing sales because your team doesn't have the tools needed to close more sales.

Don't try to reinvent the wheel yourself.

Use a Playbook process that has already been proven by thousands of companies. 

You need to build a growth strategy that has the end in mind.

  • Stop making it up as you go.
  • Stop being reactive to your customers.
  • Stop losing good people because you don't have a scalable process.

Discover a proven process to strategy implementation that your team will embrace and enjoy.

When you have a custom Playbook, your team will have everything they need. Finally, you will have a scalable, repeatable process for increasing sales and increasing profits.  

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