Transforming organizational strategy from complicated theory to innovative processes.

Discover Your Vision
Create Unity
Build Traction
Realize Growth

Discover that factors that are you holding your company back from overcoming that challenges it faces everyday.

Managing an organization is one of the most challenging endeavors that exists. Even the most successful businesses have to deal with:
Different types of people
Various goals, desires, and values
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Endless choices direction
Increasing complexity
Growing chaos

There is a way to get out of the chaos and find clarity.


Imagine your company's potential when your leadership team is united and you optimize your sales strategy.

Mark Gaydos teaching at a conference

At Petram Consulting, we understand that challenges that come with organizing teams and creating strategy.  We help teams create a vision, collaborate successfully, building trust for the next big challenge.

We provide tools and implementation strategy that can empower your sales team whether you are launching a new product, integrating multiple products, or creating strategic partnerships.

It is time for your team to generate more with less.

We will teach you how.

Our 4 Pillars to a Better Business


Your leadership team needs to be 100% aligned with where your organization is going and how it is going to get there.


Create a cohesive and motivated team that shares an “owner mentality” and understands the team’s creative capabilities.


Gain the discipline, processes, accountability, and tools to execute your vision.


Give your sales team the right content, training, and tools to find more leads and close more sales.

If you can implement these three Pillars into your business you will have an operating system that your business can thrive on.  You will have the structure, mechanics, and disciplines for continuous success.

Having an experienced  guide help you through this process is what Petram Consulting is all about.

The Petram Process

1. Discover

Take our organizational check-up.

2. Build

Work with us to create an action plan for your business.

3. Launch

Implement your plan first to your leadership team.

4. Enable

    Now you are ready to take your plan to your entire company.

What Our Clients Say

Michael Andrews

Michael Godfrey Andrews


Prior to being introduced to Mark and his team, our messaging tended to be inconsistent, tactical and product-oriented. Now, after this project, my team is having more focused, visual and insightful sales conversations that are leading to better results.

It's clear from his long career and significant experience that Mark and his team have a winning formula to help organizations, specifically sales and marketing teams, implement and accelerate their strategies for growth.

Sheevaun Thatcher

Sheevaun Thatcher 

Ring Central

I worked with Mark on a project for sales leadership coaching skills. Mark was fully invested from the start and he worked very closely with us. Mark’s skills as a project leader and trainer were paramount to getting our leadership on board and supportive. Mark is sharp, funny, highly skilled and a real pleasure to work with. He understands what’s needed to create a strong coaching culture in the sales arena.

Nate Vogel

Tableau Software

I had a chance to go through the messaging with Mark here at Tableau and he mastered the art of training through his presentation. Mark understands the value of being detailed while having the group explore self discovery and value by teaching the principles of consulting. I would highly recommend anyone to spend time with Mark and his team through their training. It's fantastic!

3 Reasons Your Company Is Failing to Meet Its Goals

3 Reasons Your Company is Failing to Meet Its Goals Cover
Business growth always comes with complexity.  
Learn how to deal with these challenges with this free guide.

You started your business from both passion and opportunity.

But with success comes chaos that needs to be managed. Without a repeatable process to scale your business, you will continue to deal with:
  • Lack of Vision
  • Misaligned Goals
  • Communication Problems
  • Missed Opportunities

Which all lead to sleepless nights, more stress, and poor quality of life.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Eliminate the chaos in your organization.

Go from being a firefighter to becoming a confident leader. Take the first step to transforming your business and your life. When you have:

  • More Time
  • More Money
  • More Energy

You can do MORE with your life.

You can make a BIGGER impact.

You can CHANGE the lives of those around you.

You can CREATE a legacy.

Take our Organizational Check-Up to get started.

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